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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Goodwill Finds of the Week: I Bought 6 Pair of Shoes in 60 Minutes

Last week I took my lunch break at the Polaris Goodwill. The food wasn't so great but they had some delicious shoes! I had 6 pairs!
  Theory Patent Platform Heels $6.29 These things retail for $295! Score!
Wild Rose Snakeskin Heels $4.29
 Margaret J. Southwestern Look Flats $3.29
 Nine West Nude Leather Heels $4.29
 Vintage Selby Heels $3.29
Via Spiga Penny Loafer Pumps $3.29

So in case you 're not so good at math, That means I got 6 pairs of shoes in 60 minutes for less than $25! Not too shabby! And I had a fun story to tell when I got back to work and the girls asked what I did for lunch! Of course, they aren't all my size but I always need shoes for my monthly thrifty news segments and the rest I can sell on Ebay! Any favorites?

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  1. All of these shoes are really cute! Great finds!

  2. Sounds like the perfect lunch break to me!..xx

  3. Omg great shoes and such a great deal. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. Now following :)

    FOllow back?

  4. Whoa! That is TALENT!!! I need to shoe shop with you......

    I love the nude ones. LOVE. I'm in need of a nude shoe....

    Get Up & Go

  5. stop it you amazing shopper you! what great finds....omg i'm so jealous! I especially love the yellow theory ones...perfect for colour blocking this season!

    Want to be blog friends? I always follow back! :)

    Couture Caddy

  6. wow that's no mean feat, you're a super thrifter, unbeatable! My favorite is the snakeskin heels and vintage heels, lovely. Your Goodwill stores have such great prices, we don't have such cheap deals for shoes, sometimes they can be as pricey as $40 for a pair of good brand.


  7. Sweet deals!

  8. Theory shoes for less than a mocha choco latte (I think I just made that

    Serious thrifting right there!

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting