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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Volunteers of America Finds of the Week

Like I mentioned, I'm doing as much thrift shopping as possible this week while I'm off work. I went to the Volunteers of America on Henderson Rd. yesterday and I found some pretty great stuff at some amazing prices! Check this out:
 vintage brown riding boots $3.99
They are a size 7.5 and I wear a 6 but I can use them for one of my news segments or sell them.
 fuchsia suede flats with gold buckles $2.99
I also bought these for a news segment as they are a size 8
 I just fell in love immediately with this dress. It's a prairie dress with great Flamenco vibe to it! $1.99
 floral with a black lace trim
 I think this is really a vintage night gown but I just couldn't resist the vibrant turquoise color. I think I'll shorten it up and add a belt for an breezy summer look! It was only $.99 so I thought I'd take a chance with it!
 the cool detail at the neckline of the gown
 I got this because I love silk tops and this one can be worn buttoned up as a shirt or as a vest with a shirt under it and belted. I can't wait to outfit this!
 Then I found the same top in another great color- emerald green! I decided to buy both because they were on sale for $.25 each! Can you believe that?!
Now for my favorite find of the day- a pair of teal colored jeans! Bright pants are big for fall so it was so exciting to find these! And they were half-off so I got them for $2! A perfectly fitting and trendy pair of jeans for only $2!!!

All this for under $13! I love thrifting!
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  1. great finds as usual! You always have the best stuff. How on earth you find dresses at 99 cents and 1.99? HAha..enjoy your break and happy thrifting!


  2. Ok, the floral dress and vintage gown need to be in my closet. LOVES!

  3. Great finds. This location is one of my favorites also. I always find such great items.

  4. I'm so inspired to go thrifting right now! I love those 2 silk blouses and for 25 cents!