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Friday, August 5, 2011

Goodwill Finds of the Week: Plaids, Polka's, and the 70's

I also hit up the Goodwill on Sawmill Rd. this week. All of the yellow tags were half-off! I found lots of great fall runway 2011 inspired clothing. Of course I'll buy anything I find that I love anytime but I'm pretty much done buying things for summer. I'm now focused on buying for fall/ winter. It's kind of sad to me because I love summer but the show must go on!
 I am obsessed with these shoes! They have that great 70's vibe that is so trendy right now. These will be my go to shoe for fall 2011! $3.99
 aren't the platform heels so great!
 OK, I know this looks kinda crazy but I'll tell you what I'm thinking- love the geometric pattern, the dolman sleeves are trendy, would look great over leggins. I think it just needs the right body in it- maybe someone really tall or voluptuous. I'm determined to figure it out! Got it half-off for $1.75 so not a big deal if it turns out to be a flop!
 Large scale plaids were huge (literally) on the Fall 2011 runways. I love how polished this jacket is rather than a country plaid. Got it half off for $1.75
 It also has a great bat wing sleeve!
 This is a cream colored vintage blouse with tiny red polka dots. Polka dots are another Fall 2011 trend and I thought this would look great with a dark pair of wide leg jeans and a brown leather jacket. $3.49
 Like I said before plaid is back and bigger than ever. This is taking the plaid in different direction than the cropped jacket but still a fashionable look. I love the purple and navy in this top and the ties on the sides ensure a perfect fit! Forever 21 via Goodwill $3.49
 The fit of this adorable dress sold me immediately! It's like it was made for me! The dress even has a built in bra which makes it so easy to just throw on and go! Instant fab! $4.99
 You can even fan out the shoulder straps for a different look or more coverage!
 I have no idea what I'm doing with this gorgeous silk peplum jacket yet but It just looked so couture I had to have it! It's way to big for me but I'm determined to find a home for it! Half off for $1.75
 I was just reading about how several designers showed peplum jackets for fall 2011
 so gorgeous isn't it? Or is it too out there?
 I got this silk knit blend Limited sweater because it looks super 70's with the colorful stripes and the tie neck. Think flared denim and a blouse underneath. Maybe even the polka dot blouse from above! Hmmm $3.49
so fun!

What do you think? Any favorites?

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  1. I am jealous of your thrift store/ability to thrift! Those are some GREAT finds!!!

  2. How big is too big for you? ;) I really love that gold jacket, I mean really. GOOD EYE!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Feel free to send that black/gold jacket my way. I'll give you double what you paid for it!

  5. Love the gold jacket and the striped sweater!

  6. I love the black and white dress! The built in bra is very helpful :)