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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

OhioThrift Finds of the Week: Shirts and Skirts

Here are some recent finds from the Ohio Thrift on Cleveland Ave.
 This is a pretty cool find because it is actually from a company called Vero Moda. They are online at but all of their stores are overseas in Europe. It's kind fun to think about how it got all the way here to Columbus, Ohio! It is a really silky Viscose material and I love the colors and print- very unique! So check out their prices were really reasonable and they had some really cute stuff! $3.99
 I just absolutely love the chain print on this Banana Republic top! The print and the collar give this top a 70's feel which is big for fall! It was $7.99 which is about twice as much as I wanted to pay but I just couldn't leave the store without it- trust me I tried! The shirt is 100% silk, very well made, and it fits perfectly!
 Ok, I know this looks crazy but this is going to be my next project! I love the print so I thought I'd just shorten it up! I debated it but ultimately it was only $1.99 and it has pockets!!!
I am planning on shortening this skirt as well. The picture doesn't show the true color very well- It is a great neon green! Neon is also a hot trend right now! I can't wait to wear this one! $4.99

Any favorites? What do you think of my "project" skirts? Do you ever alter you thrift store finds?

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  1. great finds! love the print skirt!


  2. ooh, what great finds - do you alter them yourself? I wish I could do that!
    x. jill

  3. i love your finds, they have such great colors in em!
    <3 steffy