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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ferragamo Frenzy

 Recently, my friend, Ashley Hammond, found two fabulous pairs of Ferragamo shoes at a garage sale for only $4. 
 This inspired me to share with you my mini Ferragamo collection. I got all three pairs from Goodwill at different times but all for only $3.99 each! These shoes typically retail for around $600 new. I can't believe someone would get rid of these! They are so cute and classic. They will never go out of style! Check these puppies out:
 Aren't these great? The Navy and the Cream are both leather and the black pair are suede. I've found lots of Ferragamo's at Goodwill through the years. I've passed many of them by because they weren't my size 6. So if you want a pair keep your eyes peeled when you're at all of the central Ohio Goodwill's!
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  1. wow what a haul, I can't believe the prices! They cost like hundreds of dollars many years back. I guess people got tired of looking at them, everyone in the office was wearing a Ferragamo back then


  2. Gah I'm green with envy! I've never come across a pair in a UK charity shop. Sally x