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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cute Outfit of the Day: It's All in the Details

I found this adorable dress at Goodwill the other day. As you probably know by now, I love stripes on clothing. Well I also love a red, white, and blue color palatte. It's not just for the 4th! It is such a classic, American combo. I immediately fell for all the cool details of this dress. The cowl neck, the puff sleeves, the dip in the back, and it has pockets! That's what I look for in clothing- details. That's what makes a look interesting and what can set it apart form everyone else's style.

  My vintage Pappagallo heels. They are navy blue snakeskin with a wood heel. I love them!
dress: Goodwill $5.99
shoes: vintage Pappagallo's via Goodwill $3.99
earrings: vintage gift $0
Total Cost: $9.98

This dress looked and felt vintage to me but the tag looked more modern. Out of curiosity, I looked up the name on the tag, Eva Franco, and found the dress on $129.00! Isn't that crazy! I knew it was a well made dress because the material is a nice jersey knit and it is fully lined. I guess I was right! Score!
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  1. That is super cute.
    And with pockets!
    I'm kind of obsessed with things having pockets.
    Just makes pants/skirts/dresses so much more purposeful.

  2. The sleeves make it look totally modern! Very cute dress, I think you look wonderful. Thanks for following!


  3. Love. love, love what you are wearing today.