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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Must Have Accessory for Spring

The must have accessory of the season has to be the silk scarf! 

Take a look at how beautiful these DKNY scarves are:

Scarves are the perfect Spring accessory! They are great for bringing life to an otherwise bland outfit. 

And even though I love the DKNY scarves you know I would never pay the money to actually own one. And why should I when I can create the same chic look for much less from the thrift store!

Take a look at some of my favorite thrifted scarves:

Do you like to wear silk scarves too?
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  1. I LOVE scarves, though I mostly wear chiffon ones for the vintage Parisian look.

  2. I like your collection of scarves, their a nice mix of colors and patterns that you can use endlessly. I agree why pay for the name when you can get the same quality and pay less. That's one thing I really don't have enough of and really don't use. I need to start purchasing more scarves and working them into my outfits.

  3. I like your collection of scarves MUCH MORE than the DKNY!