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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cute Outfit of the Day: A Feminine Balance

This post is obviously from before I colored my hair red. I had a few leftover pictures that I never got a chance to use so you might see a few like this. Sometimes it's hard to keep up- if you are a fellow blogger I'm sure you understand!

 For this outfit I started with my pink blouse with lace detail. It's a little more feminine than my usual taste so I added the rough brown belt and my black skinny jeans to balance out the femininity of the blouse and necklace. I tied the brown of the belt in with the same color shoe. I love creating outfits that include opposites like this. I also love mixing black and brown.

pink lacy blouse: Goodwill $2.99
white sweater: Old Navy clearance $6.98
black jeans: Forever 21 $21.99
braided belt: Goodwill$1.99
necklace: Forever21 $8.99
brown leather low wedge shoes: Seychelles via DSW clearance $12.99

Total cost: $55.93

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  1. it's all in the details, everything is lovely! and most importantly that it's not pricey!

  2. Like this look! It's not pricey but it's lovely! XX

  3. LIKE.
    (I was in Jcrew a couple of weeks ago and said, "What happened to all the ruffles and prettiness?!" hahaha)