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Monday, April 11, 2011

Bye Bye Bushy

Happy Monday everyone!

Hope you had a great weekend! I sure did! The temperature on Sunday got all the way up to 84 degrees! My husband and I were finally able to get outside and work in the flower beds in front of our house which was much needed.

On Saturday we had a lawn company come and tear out the giant overgrown bush that was eating the side of our house! I was so excited to get rid of that thing! The lawn guy said that he estimated the bush to be original to the house which would make it almost 70 years old! You all know I love antiques but this one had to go! 
 You can't miss it in this photo taken when we moved in last summer!

Well, the work didn't stop there. After the bush came out it revealed a few more issues. First, the area where the bush was, was covered in ivy. I don't hate ivy but I just didn't want it in that space. And second, whoever put the edging stones in stopped at the bush. So after we tore the ivy out it made that  painfully obvious. So off to Lowe's we went and luckily they had the same ones!  

Here are some of the during photos:

 You can see where the bush used to be.

 We filled 7 yard waste bags with leaves and ivy.

So after about 4 hours of weeding, leaf removal, pulling out ivy, laying new stones, and mulching our yard looks better than ever!

Doesn't our house look so much better?! Well, we are not done yet. This was just phase one.

 We obviously ran out of mulch- my bad! We also need to plant some grass and add some new plants to the flower bed.

This area I dug out to create a flower bed. So I need to finish edging it and have my mom come over with some of her planting magic to fill it in with some plants that I won't kill! 

So like everything, it's a work in progress! 

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  1. ran by it yesterday morning on my run. Amazing! (is that pic of you and hubs the one I took?? :)