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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What I Want Now: Red Jeans

As soon as I laid eyes on this photo in the current issue of Lucky magazine I knew I wanted a pair of red jeans!

Isn't this just a great outfit! What I love about red jeans is that they are way more versatile than you would think. Of course they look great with all neutrals but since 2011 is all about head to toe color you can now pair red jeans with a bright colored top! They are almost as neutral as blue jeans but way more fun!

red jeans can be feminine:

red jeans can be classic

red jeans can be fun and colorful:
red jeans can be rockin':

red jeans can be warm and eclectic:
via Brooklyn Blond

The possibilities are endless! How do you wear your red jeans?

I'm still on the hunt so let me know if you see any at a reasonable price!

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  1. Y to the E to the S. I am OBSESSED with finding some red skinnies right now, so if you find some, please share the red wealth. I would pair them with a Rolling Stones tee, my fakey fake Chanel jacket, and Vince Camuto studded pumps (or some charcoal grey Chucks).


  2. I did a search for "red jeans" on Ebay and several came up in the 9.99 range. Good Luck on your search!

  3. Go to kohls ..the brand is So..... $18.99