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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What I Want Now: Crochet

More often then not when I go to a thrift store, I go with something specific in mind. This usually comes from seeing an outfit in a magazine or on the internet that inspires me enough to create something similar. Sometimes it might be one piece or it could be a whole outfit or sometimes it is just a color or a texture that catches my eye. Surprisingly, I usually find whatever it is I am looking for!

Most recently, I have been lusting after clothing pieces that are made from either a loose weave sweater material or crochet. These items are pretty easy to find at any thrift store as crochet is a very retro 70's look. This is not about recreating that look from way back though, it is about taking crochet into 2011 (unless you like looking like a hippie or a grannie!). Here is the look of crochet for 2011:

cropped sweaters like these next two are at the top of my "to find" list:

Crochet looks great in neutral colors...

but can also be stunning in color!

Shy about wearing crochet? Try an accessory instead:

You can even get a bathing suit in crochet!

Here is how I like to rock crochet:

 white crochet dress: Goodwill $1.99
navy blue tank dress: Forever21 $11.99
plaid shirt: boys section of Target $12.99
brown belt: Goodwill $1.49
black leather boots: Ohio Thrift $6.99

cream top with crochet detail: Goodwill $2.99

vintage top: Goodwill $2.99

purple dress: Forever21 $24.99
brown belt: Goodwill $1.49

Rules of crochet clothing:
-Less is more: don't go head to toe or accessorize a crochet top with crochet earrings
-I can't believe I have to say this but I better just in case: I don't care how they are shown on the runway, in real life always wear something under a loose weave or crochet item, Please!
-don't wear it the same way they wore it in the 70's- pair a crochet item with more modern silhouettes to bring it into 2011
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