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Monday, March 14, 2011

It Pays to Help

   I helped my friend and fellow blogger Jaymie Stroud ( move this week. To say that she has ton of clothing and accessories would be an understatement! So when I arrived to find a hallway full of bags of clothing to give away I felt very relieved. As a thank you for helping her move and unpack I got to take home anything I wanted from the discard pile! 


Here are my new hand-me-downs from the amazing closet of Jaymie Stroud:
(please ignore the wrinkles, all the items were in bags for a while)

Emerald green silk DKNY dress
Emerald green is a hot color right now!

Forever 21 tan shirtdress
Love the 50's style full skirt!

strapless Anna Sui dress
this is a real Anna Sui not a Anna Sui for Target!

vintage 80's silk black/white polka dot dress
need to shorten and add a belt!

Vintage multi-color dress
Love the pattern and colors on this dress just needs some neutral pumps!

Charcoal gray Gap shirt with Edwardian ruffle neckline
Planning on passing this one to my friend Alicia!

Vintage Gucci scarf
enough said...

Forever21 statement necklace
when it comes to necklaces- the bigger the better! I can't wait to wear it!

Native American beaded earrings
Jaymie and I share a love of all things western- can't believe she let me have these!

Vintage tooled leather shoulder bag
I have always wanted one of these bags and this one is just gorgeous! I think she might regret giving me this one!

I would have helped her move anyway but this just made my day! Thanks Jaymie!

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  2. Ah...I love the earrings and the purse! I'm looking for something similar :D

  3. Lindsey, I've seriously missed your blog for a couple days....and when I come back. Treasures! The DKNY and polka dot pieces are my faves! Pls post a pic of yourself in both. Can't wait to see what you do with them!