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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gallery Walls

I love having a gallery wall somewhere in a house. They look great almost anywhere in the house that feels like it needs filled up. I love doing photography and I have quite a few photos that I am really proud of. I love seeing those photos hung all over my house. It just feels so much more personal than purchased artwork.

This picture is from our old apartment. We had a huge, long wall that was just perfect for a gallery wall. We centered it above the couch and let it extend a little bit beyond the couch on each side.

In the new house, we took all the frames from our large gallery wall and split them up into smaller groupings throughout the house.This picture is from the dining room in our new house. I wanted a cleaner looking gallery wall this time.

This is the small hallway in our new house. It needed a little point of interest so I did this mini photo gallery. Please ignore the empty frame. I am planning on filling it with photos from our recent anniversary vacation.

This is another little photo display I did on the living room wall beside the couch. I want to repeat the same layout on the other side too. I love symmetry!

If you are like me then you need a little inspiration when attempting to create a photo gallery wall. So here you go:

via Pottery Barn
This gallery wall shows how you can include objects other than just photos and how you can use non matching frames.

This gallery wall formation has a horizontal line through the center with photos placed on either side. It uses a variety of different shaped frames that are tied together by the black frames and white mats.

This gallery wall was created by fitting all the frames into a large rectangle. It uses different colored frames and mats but they are tied together by staying in a black and white scheme.

via emilyaclark
This neat and orderly photo wall was designed by the amazing Emily A. Clark (

via Pottery Barn
This gallery wall shows how you can layer your frames. Pottery Barn sells these extenders but they can easily be made with a small block of wood. I love the lighting above that really highlights this feature wall!

via House Beautiful
Gallery walls also work great on a stairwell...

and on a landing

-arrange all of your photos on the floor first

-cut out the the shape of the frames from a large piece of paper and tape them to the wall. Move them around until you find your perfect formation without putting unnecessary holes in the wall

-make sure all of your frames are equal distance apart

-have some sort of continuity whether it is the color or shape of the frames,  the color of the mats, or the type of photos.

*Remember frames are plentiful at all thrift stores. You can always add a mat if the frame doesn't have one. You don't have to spend a fortune to create an amazing photo gallery wall!

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  1. The new gallery wall is awesome. Trust me, you'll fill you're walls quicker than you think as time goes by. I'm working on a gallery wall now too. I just haven't found anything that deserves *that* kind of space.

  2. Beautiful! I have a gallery wall too of old black and white (or sepia) photos of my ancestors. Mine are all with various brown frames, many of them thrifted. I love finding an old wooden frame to go with an old photograph.
    My ancestor wall is my favorite wall in the whole house!