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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Golden Globe Best Dressed Picks

Did you happen to catch the Golden Globes on Sunday night? I did not but of course I still checked out all the dresses on Monday morning! That's the best part about the awards shows anyway, right?  I wanted to share with you my best dressed list of the night. Now, you might be thinking why is a blogger who writes about thrifty finds covering the elite world of celebrity fashion? Well, let me explain.... I believe you can't do inexpensive fashion well if you don't understand and are up to date on expensive fashion. All trends start at the high end price range and trickle down so if you want to know what is "now" you have to study the runways, the designers, and the celebrities. Make sense? I spend many hours per week looking at fashion magazines, websites, and blogs so when I go to the thrift store I know what colors and silhouettes to look for. Of course you don't find the same stuff but you recreate it in your own way using what you've seen as a guide.

Here are my top 3 picks for best dressed:

 Cinderella- this is the dress every girl dreams of wearing someday

 I want those shoes

 sooo pretty in pink!

 This dress makes her bod look so good- good choice Eva!

love the backless and the cutout details

and here are my very close honerable mentions.....

  classic perfection- always!

 more backless

I have been really digging this mustardy color lately- it takes a certain person to pull it off but I think it is just gorgeous on the right gal!

So now what can we learn from studying these pictures? Pay attention to things that you see several people doing and that will tell you what the coming trends will be. Here are some of the things that I noticed...

-Emerald green was the color of the night as we saw several celebs wearing this gorgeous shade of green! So stock up on the emerald green ladies!

-Backless dresses were everywhere! I believe this silhouette is replacing the one shoulder trend. So stock up the pasties!

-Several shades of pale pink graced the red carpet. Pink is going to be the color for spring 2011.

-Nude is continuing to be a hot color choice. So don't toss out you're nude items from last year just yet!

-Hair is continuing to be soft, and wavy or swept up in a loose but classic way.

-Makeup is soft and pretty, very natural looking with an emphasis on the eyes.

-Ruffles made an encore appearance this year which I'm happy about because I love ruffles but I am so over the giant poufs and flower appliques- when they are bigger than your head you should move on!

Who were your best dressed picks? Did you notice any trends that I didn't? Pin It

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