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Monday, August 30, 2010

Fall Fashion 2010

What is the one thing for you that signals that fall is on it's way? Is it the cool mornings, or the start of football season. How about the kids going back to school or even the reappearance of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. Well, for me it's the arrival of Vogue magazines September Issue! I look forward to it all year round! In case you are not familiar with it, the September Issue is the guide book to all things fall fashion. It is an inspiring collection of the best fashion from all the top designers. For me, the September issue issue is less of a catalog of what to buy for fall as it is an eduacational guide to the trends for fall. I take the knowledge I attain and figure out how to recreate the champagne looks on my beer budget.

Over the next couple of weeks I'm going to do a series of posts on the topic of fall fashion with the inspiration I have gleaned from the pages of the fashion Bible (Vogue magazine). Each post will be a different fall fashion trend. Here's the first one:

It was big for Spring now it's back for Fall!
The look: jackets with brass buttons, shoulder epaulets, cargo pants, studs, combat boots, double breasted coats, capes, military pins, cross body satchel bags, marching jackets, utility jackets, and camouflage
The colors: army green, black, gray
Try this: mix your military pieces with more feminine ones for a stylish balance
The inspiration:

How I rock it:

My favorite coat- an Express peacoat. I got this 4 years ago for half price and I still love it!

tan uniform shirt from Volunteers of America $.99
wide brown leather belt from Target $4.00 on clearance
Donna Karan army green silk skirt from Goodwill $2.99
gold star w/ coat of arms necklace from Ohio Thrift $14 on half price day

green military jacket from Forever 21 $24.00 
(I've had this for like 5 years and love wearing it over summer dresses)
sheer floral print dress with satin bow from Goodwill $4.99

black marching jacket from Forever21 $27.80 (from last winter)
light pink tiered ruffle skirt from Goodwill $4.99
This jacket looked equally chic with a frilly skirt as it does with light ripped up skinny jeans

Tan jacket from Goodwill $3.99
Navy/ white t-shirt from Goodwill $2.99
full denim skirt from Goodwill $2.99
brown leather belt from Goodwill $1.49
I know this is still kind of summery but I wanted to feature something you could wear now going into fall!

Green military jacket from Forever21 again but wanted to show it in a different way.
military style pin- gift from my brother from the Curiosity Shop on N. High street in Clintonville

What to buy for fall:

Celebrity Pink Cargo Olive Skinny Pants from $38.00

 Timex military watch from J.crew $150

Xhileration Juniors Military Jacket from Target $24.99

Dolce vita for Target Black Lace Up Boot $27.99 on sale

Foreer21 Twist Militant Woven Skirt $19.80

Delia's $89.50

Delia's $69.50

Embellished Military Drop Pin from Express $19.90

Stay tuned! There are many more fall trends to come........!
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Thrifty Tip of the Day: Giving Back

Not only do I shop at thrift stores, but I also donate my old clothes back to them! In fact, this is a absolutely necessary step in order to keep your closet organized (especially if you shop as much as I do)! It also keeps the husband happy too! What I like to do is instead of just going through it a couple of times per year is to be constantly looking at my closet with an editing eye. Every time I get dressed if something doesn't fit right or i decide I don't like an item any longer I remove it from my closet right then. I actually keep a box in my hall closet where I can just toss the items in. When the box gets full I just take it with me to Goodwill. I used to spend a whole day every season cleaning out my closet. So by keeping it up daily this method saves me a ton of time (that I can use for more shopping)!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thrifty Finds of the Week!

I made it to quite a few different stores this week and as usual found some great stuff! Check it out:

a magnifying glass with an animal horn handle $3 on clearance at T.J. Maxx
Great coffee table item on top of a stack of over sized books.
Don't worry animal lovers- I don't think it's real!

This has to be the coolest mug I've ever seen! 
I love the black, gray, and florescent pink, and green geometric print!
$.50 from Goodwill on High St.

I've been looking for a mirror like this for a while now. I haven't decided where to put it yet. I have three possibilities- in the hallway, the dining room, or the downstairs bathroom. I think the bathroom is wining right now. Then I have to decide if I want to leave it gold or paint it black or white? Ugg, Decisions! 
$7.50 on half price day at Salvation Army on Morse Rd.

I always have a ton of my photos that I want to frame and a friend gave me some cool prints for my office so I got these frames. Keep in mind your frames don't have to all match! I love a mix of frame colors and shapes.
small $2.50; large $3.50 half price day at Salvation Army on Morse Rd.

Cute beaded wedge heel sandles!
$3.99 Goodwill on Morse Rd.

Straw hat with navy/ red ribbon. O.K. I know I already have a straw hat but it has a black ribbon! I couldn't pass this one up for only $1.99 at Goodwill on Morse.

Coral colored blouse. I thought this was so cute and it was only $.99! Goodwill had all their summer tops on sale right now for $.99 each! What a deal!

I love old glassware! I think I must it from my Grandma. She has a ton! I have started collecting clear glass in blues and greens and white opaque glass with all different patterns. It can look really cool to have a whole shelf or cabinet full of the same colored glass. I got all three of these for $.99 because the guy at Goodwill on Morse likes me! He He!

Two turquoise plastic serving bowls. I always need stuff for serving food at parties and I love this color. $.99 each at Goodwill on Morse Rd,

More white glassware! My friend Emily from work gave these to me for free from her mom's moving sale! Score!

So, what do you think of this weeks finds? Any suggestions for the mirror?

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Thrifty Tip of the Day: Avoid the Clothing Rut

Do you ever feel like you always wear the same things over and over? Here's how I avoid the clothing rut. After you are done wearing an item hang it back up but turn the hanger around as a marker that it's been worn recently. You could also try putting items on the bottom of a stack or towards the back of your closet after you wear them so they won't be the first things you grab. Give it a try! I bet you'll find some things in your closet that you had forgotten about!

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Making Progress!

I wanted to give you guys a sneak peak at the progress on our living room. It's not done yet but I'm just so excited by how it's coming together! We added a new piece of art to the wall this week and I also arranged the decorative items on the tall shelf. It's looking really good- I think!

Still need a new couch, a coffee table, and need to hand a few more things on the walls but what do you think so far?
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thrifty Tip of the Day: Matchy Matchy Makeup

Usually when you hear the words matchy matchy it's not a good thing- right? Well not always! When applying makeup try matching your lip color to your cheek color. For example if you like a peachy blush try a peach lip color as well; or if you like a bright pink blush try a bright pink lip color. This creates a harmonious pulled together look that is perfect for when you really want to play up your eyes.

Here are some great examples:

nude lip; nude cheek
(picture from the

peach lip; peach cheek 
(picture from

 pink lip; pink cheeks
(picture from

This is such an easy look to do and it takes the guess work out of what colors go together. Try it yourself and let me know what you think!

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Monday, August 23, 2010

High End Style at Low End Prices

I was recently blown away by some adds I saw in Vogue magazine. The ads featured several really cute on trend outfits that looked surprising wearable. I admired the pictures then looked to see who was featuring these covetable clothes. I was beyond shocked when I discovered the ads were for Sears and Kmart!? How could this be I thought? I am the master of high end shopping at low end prices and I had no idea these stores had anything worth looking at! These are some of the ads I saw so you can see what I'm gasping (and drooling) over!

Sears ads:
I am in love with the slim cargo pant in the center. It is from Sears Apostrophe line. It comes in Olive green and Black and is only $24.90! Amazing!

This is a great classic LBD. Everyone should own at least one! It is also from Sears Apostrophe line and is only $29.90! I love the way they paired it with the purple pumps!

I love the drapey cut of this jacket. So interesting and unique! Apostrophe at Sears for only $39.90!

Kmart ads:

I love this wool coat by Route 66. It retails for $79.99

Skinny jeans are back for yet another season! Get them at Kmart for $24.99

cute vest! Fur is huge for fall! this one is $59.99
I also love these skinny cargo pants! they are on sale right now for 16.24! Incredible!
The lace t-shirt is only $12.99!

Woman's Route 66 Jeggins (a jean/ leggin hybrid) on sale for $17.64!

I also liked these shoes from Sears for only $29.90!

and this Studio by JPR vest from Sears for $24.90!

I like this coat from Kmart even better than the other one! It zips up the front off to the side. This one goes for $99.99. A great price for a winter coat especially one with this much style!

Aren't these ads great?  And on top of that both Sears and Kmart have blogs and great fashion advice on their websites. Who knows if these clothes look as good in person as they do in pictures but I am just proud of these retailers for staying up with the trends and putting together these great looks for us budget conscious fashionistas!
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