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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thrifty Finds of the Week:

I went to the new Goodwill on Morse Rd. for the first time today and it did not disappoint! As you have probably noticed by the lack of posts on thrift store finds, I haven't found a whole lot lately. But being a veteran thrift shopper I know from experience that October and November tend to be the worst months for finding great stuff. At least that has always been the case for me!

The new store is so much better than the old one! It is a newer looking building, it is cleaner, and just has a much nicer feel to it! They had lots of great new stuff so get there as soon as you can! I found a ton of great stuff today that I couldn't wait to share with you! So... here it is:

 houndstooth jacket $3.49

 the only thing wrong with it was one of the snaps needs sewed back on but I can do that!

 beaded necklace originally $39.99 from Target $5.99!

 cute red shawl collar sweater- long enough to wear with leggins $3.49

White Ralph Lauren blazer with dark brown trim. I love blazers with contrasting trim! $3.49

  love the details on this sweater- so cute! $3.49

 I've been looking for a top this peachy pink color for a while now to pair with my orange pencil skirt! I love that color combo!

 and I belted it with my new skinny braided belt from Forever 21. belt $2.50

 You can never have enough black cardigans! I really like the texture of this one. $3.49

 and it still had the original tags on it from Macy's- score!

 I got this to wear next month on our tropical 10 year Anniversary vacation. I thought it would work well as a bathing suit cover up during the day and a dress to wear to dinner at night. $4.99

I love this BCBG dress and I really love that it was only $4.99!

These shoes were my most exciting find of the day! I've had my eye on a pair of clogs just like these from Forever 21. $3.99

 brand new! and they were originally $19.99

 These pillow covers will look great on our couch after the holidays! They had a bunch more if you want some! $.99 each

These napkin rings will look great with our sea grass placemats! $.99

 I have some other vases like this one but bigger. I thought they would go well together! $1.99
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