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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Party Outfit Choices

O.k. guys I need some help! My work Christmas Party is this Saturday night and I need to pick out something to wear! The party is at a nice restaurant. I challenged myself to save money this holiday by wearing something I already have in my closet. Here are some of my options; let me know which one you like best!

1. The Fashionista
 vintage silver blouse- gift from a friend
silk tiered skirt- The Limited
fuchsia silk belt-  Goodwill $.99
glitzy earrings- Forever21 $6.99
add black tights and black patent leather pumps

 fur coat option

 velvet jacket option

2. A Country Christmas
Gap denim shirt- Goodwill $2.99
silk tiered skirt- The Limited

 add black tights and Nine West ankle boots- EBay $19.99

 glitzy earrings- Forever21 $6.99

 western beaded belt- Goodwill $1.99

3. Vintage Vixen
 Kensie dress from Macy's
Yes! I actually bought this at the mall! I love this dress! I've had it for several years and have gotten so much use out of it.

 Boots or red patent leather heels

 beautiful beaded detail

4. A Walk on the Wild Side
 I'm not sure how Christmasy this outfit is but I really like it and I really don't like to be a Christmas cliche'
vintage wrap blouse- thrift store $2.99
leopard skirt- Goodwill $2.99
vintage necklace- gift from a friend

add leather jacket- T.J. Maxx $29.99
and tall boots

5. Mad About Plaid
silk ruffled blouse- Goodwill $2.99
plaid skirt- Volunteers of America  $1.99

 add tall boots and black tights

 patent leather skinny belt- Goodwill $.99

 vintage earrings- One More Time Thrift Store $12.99

 add bracelet length vintage coat- Goodwill $4.99

6. Cute and Cozy
 sweater dress- gift from my husband

 add boots and tights

7. Ribbons and Bows
 I love this Skort! But I wore this last year so I probably won't wear it this year. I wanted to show you this outfit though because it's just so cute!
sequin bow sweater- Goodwill $2.99
skort- Goodwill $3.99
glitzy earrings- Forever21 $6.99

 add zig-zag textured tights and Nine West ankle boots

8. The Mini Dress
 sequin top sweater dress- Macy's $14.99

 add black tights and ankle boots

9. The Classic
 dress- Goodwill $4.99
vintage beaded belt- Goodwill $2.99

 add black and gold Nicole Miller heels

10. The Princess
 dress- Goodwill $4.99

 add fur jacket- Forever21 $15.99

11. Glam Rock
 stretch velvet tulip skirt dress- Goodwill $4.99

 necklace- Forever21 $8.99

 add leather jacket, tall boots, and black tights

12. Zig-Zag Zen
 zig-zag puff sleeve dress- Goodwill $4.99

 add tall boots and black tights

 OR red patent leather Steve Madden pumps

necklace- from a clothing swap

Let me know which one you think I should wear! Hopefully this will give you all some ideas of what to wear to your own holiday parties!
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  1. Hmm.. I think I'm leaning towards "vintage vixen" as my first choice.. with "the classic" being 2nd. and "zig zag zen" with the red pumps being my 3rd choice.. although.. the truth of the matter is--you'll look wonderful in any of them. :-)

  2. I vote two of the same: vintage vixen, zig zag, and princess!

  3. My three picks:
    1st The Fashionista
    2nd Zig-Zag Zen
    3rd Cute and Cozy

    Have fun :)

  4. vintage vixen, fashionista or classic. But all are great!

  5. Vintage Vixen and Classic are so cute! I am so glad I came across this blog! I googled "how to decorate with cork boards" and somehow your blog popped up, haha. But I'm so glad it did because you have such wonderful ideas! And , hey, if I save $$ my husband is a happy guy! Looking forward to more cute ideas:) Thanks!

  6. Vintage Vixen or Made about Plaid.

    Definitely not the ribbons and bows, unless something happened to all the other options.

  7. I like the fashionista and I really do like the country girl option . . . I have a dinner party at 3rd and Hollywood next Friday--I'm coming over to raid. :)

  8. Hey Lindsey!

    The design of your necklace and earrings look like my girlfriend's collection. She's also making her own accessories. I remember when I bought brass rods for our bed, she also came with me to our trusted brass tubing supplier just to buy brass for her necklace.