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Friday, November 12, 2010

To Infinity... and Beyond!

Not to keep going on and on about infinity scarves but after the last post I had so many tell me that they want to get one that I had to share something else with you! I am going to show you 2 ways that you can make your own infinity scarf! Now, I can't take complete credit for this idea because my formentioned friend Jesse Cale actually came up with one of the ways. He suggested making one out of an old sweater from the thrift store. Brilliant! I told you he was smart! I'm really upset though because I accidently deleted my before pictures so you're going to have to use your imagination today- it will be good for you!

Infinity Scarf #1
Creating a Scarf from an old Sweater

 -find an old sweater with a color or pattern that you think would work well for your scarf
- make sure the sweater is either the right size to drape around your neck comfortably or really wide so that you can wrap the scarf around the neck twice- it's up to you
-lay the sweater out flat then using good sharp scissors, cut the sweater from one side to the other under the armpits making sure you are around 12 inches from the bottom (so you are basically cutting the top off the sweater- can anyone say crop- top!)
-if you are having trouble with the cut end of your scarf unravelling try folding it under and securing it with some iron on tape

Infinity Scarf #2
Creating an Infinity Scarf from a Regular Old Scarf

So, I have this scarf that I haven't worn in years because I don't like how big and bulky it looks and I'm never quite sure how to tie up all that material. I recently even put it in the give away box until I got this bright idea! I decided to sew the ends together and make it into an infinity scarf!

-find an old scarf
-wrap it around your neck twice to see what size to make your infinity scarf
-fold scarf in half; if it has a back you want to put the front sides together
-sew a straight stich across the end of the scarf; instead of using a backstich to secure your ends I just took the strings that were hanging off the end and tied them in a knot
using good sharp scissors, cut the ends of the scarf off leaving about a half inch of material
-your scarf will be inside out so turn it around so the seam is hidden on the inside

What do you think? Let me know or send me a picture if you decide to try this project! I'd love to see what you guys come up with!

One last thing on infinity scarves then I promise to stop talking about them! While shopping at Goodwill yesterday I sctually found one! It was one from Target from last year I guess. It had a small snag on it but once you scrunch it on you can't even tell!

It was only $.99! What a score! I love Goodwill! Pin It


  1. fantastic idea! I will definately try this out!!

  2. If you use a sweater that is acrylic, it won't unravel.