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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My New Drawers

I've noticed that a lot of home decor blogs have been featuring campaign dressers lately. Campaign is a type of furniture commonly used in the military during colonial times because of its ability to be taken apart and moved easily. It also happens to to be really beautiful furniture! Here are some examples:

(via Lonny)
 I also love the lamps and the mirror too!

(via Bryn Alexandria)

(via Copy Cat Chic)

(via Copy Cat Chic)

(via Emily A. Clark)
This is the one that I really fell in love with! I love the color, but I especially love the way she styled everything around the dresser too!

After many months of admiring these pieces on some of my favorite home decor blogs, I walked into Goodwill one day and found one for only $30! I couldn't believe my eyes! My heart rate accelerated, and I immediately turned into this crazy person!  I put my hands on it and refused to move for fear that someone else would come by and steal my treasure. I ended up having to wait with my dresser for two and a half hours for my mom to come and pick it up because it wouldn't fit in my car. It was well worth the wait and I got to do a lot of interesting people watching while I waited! Here is my beautiful campaign dresser:

 It isn't in perfect condition but it still looks really nice. As you can see the right front foot is damaged. I am thinking about trying to switch the front leg with one of the back legs. I actually kind of like that it has a slightly rugged look to it. I feel like that makes it more casual which fits our style.

 The reinforced corners are designed to protect the dresser while it is being moved

 I even found the same mirror as in the last example picture at Tuesday Morning for on $19.99!

 The handles on the sides are there to make it easier to pick up and move.

What do you think? Pretty amazing find isn't it! I love it so much! Do you guys think I should leave it the way it is or do you think I should paint it like some of the other examples?

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  1. Lindsey, I love it! Yes, it is an amazing find - I love it the way it is, but I'm sure if you do something different to it, it will look spectacular.

    Hey, if you want a challenge I have a master bedroom in need of a desparate makeover. I would love a room makeover by Lindsey!

  2. great find! And the price? simply amazing. I kind of like it the way it is. It looks fabulous against your painted wall.

  3. Don't paint it, i love it just the way it is!

  4. Wow! so beautiful! also...I agree with you about finding the exact things you want when you go out searching as being a gift from God to show his love. I used to have greater faith with this, and now you've reminded and inspired me to act in faith again! Love your blog!!! Just found it, and I'm spending my Saturday afternoon going through all of it! I have a new bloggie, if you are interested at all:

    Have a fab day!!!

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