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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Best Souvenir Ever

Recently, my friend Derek traveled to Tokyo, Japan for work. He asked me before he left if there was anything I wanted him to bring back for me and I immediately asked for a Japanese Vogue magazine! The Japanese are leaders in the world of fashion so I wanted a little peek into what they would put into their version of the worlds best fashion magazine.

 The cover- Isn't it gorgeous?! Not a whole lot different than the American version except the Japanese writing of course! I was surprised by the amount of English throughout the magazine.

 The magazine opens from the left instead of the right- who knew!

 I couldn't really read the articles but...

the photos spoke for themselves.

 This is my favorite spread in the whole magazine! Gold and glitz is so big right now! I love the bronzed skin, and the big hair and jewelry. It reminds me so much of when I was little and my mom would get dressed up for a party (in the early 80's).

 This was my other favorite spread. The leopard print is so chic. I love the head wrap!

 They actually use a lot of the same adds as the American Vogue does

very thick and heavy- just like the American Vogue

There were even some American celebrities featured

And my favorite part of all was this article called Dress Code Happiness. I'm not exactly sure but it looks like you use your date of date of birth to figure out what number you are then that number corresponds to a symbol and each symbol guides you to what style is best for you. I got fire which is apparently like Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl. Hmm...

Pretty cool- huh! I know you can get a lot of foreign issues of Vogue and other magazines at Barnes and Noble but they jack up the price by like 3x probably because of shipping costs. I just can't bare to pay that much for a magazine! I think I'll save it forever! Thanks Derek- you're the best!
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