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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cute Outfit of the Day: More Rule Breaking

I enjoyed doing the last Breaking the Rules post on mixing black and brown so much that I decided to do another one! There are so many old rules that we all have stuck in our heads that are just not rules any more. I want to help you to know which old fashion rules just don't apply anymore!
This time I want to talk about mixing not only black, and brown but also navy blue all in the same outfit! think it can't be done? Think again!

Why this outfit works:
Everything but one piece (the top) is kept simple
the brassy studs on the top pick up the brown of the boots

The Breakdown:
sweater: Goodwill (brand new from Target) $2.99
top: Forever21 $15.80
leggins: Goodwill (brand new from Target) $.99
boots: same Aldo boots from 3 years ago that I wear with everything!
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  1. cute! Lovin the boots...kinda look like mine<3

  2. Their all neutrals, which is another reason this look works too.