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Friday, October 1, 2010

It's Here!

Our new couch has finally arrived! I was pleasantly surprised because we only had to wait about three weeks instead of the 5-6 weeks we were expecting! When does that ever happen?! I actually feel like I've been waiting for it for 9 years though because we have always hated our slip covered couch and have been dreaming of the day when we could get a new one. Ironically enough though we decided we should wait to buy a new couch until the we bought a house with a finished basement so we could use the old couch in the basement and get a new one for the living room. So we just bought our lovely and amazing first house with a full finished basement and wouldn't you know the old couch doesn't fit down the basement stairs! Now we have to buy a new couch for the basement too! Ugg! Oh well! So without further ado....... Here is our new couch:

I love it! It is everything we were looking for! Sleek modern shape with dark wood exposed legs and best of all it looks like a Crate and Barrel couch but at half the price! (It is made by Lloyd's of Chatham and we purchased it at Front Room Furnishings in Columbus, Ohio)
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