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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Come On Baby; Light My Way

I'm sure you've noticed that it has been getting darker outside earlier and earlier. Don't you hate that when you go to work in the dark then come home in the dark too?! The only thing I hate more than that is coming home to a dark house. You can't see where you are walking. You can't see where to put your key in the lock. Not to mention it can be dangerous!
This is part of the reason why I decided to install solar powered lights around our house. The other reason is that I happen to think they look really nice! We purchased them at Lowe's where they were only $3.88 each!

Here they are during the day:

 And here they are at night:

 our cute little casa!

So... What do you guys think? And the best part is that since they are solar powered they don't cost us a dime to use!
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  1. love them! they sort of have a mid-century modern look to them:)

    ps. i'm new here, and am really enjoying the entire blog:) thanks!

  2. pps. would you ever, so kindly, be willing to post for us cbus folk hints on your fave thrift store locations?