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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beautifying the Basement: Part 1

Well, I think we are finally ready to start decorating the basement! We've been working so hard on the upstairs that the basement has had to wait but now it is time! Here's a little tour of our basement as it was when we moved in:

 This is the view standing at one end and looking toward the other end. It is kind of long and skinny. You can see the big closet on the right where I keep some of my clothes and there is a half bath on the left which is really nice to have! Ideally, I would love to tear the ugly black baseboards off and replace them with something nicer and more subtle but I think that project might have to wait.

 Here is my adorable friend Alicia coming in the doorway. This picture was taking at the opposite end.

 This is the tight stairwell that we have to work with. When you get to the bottom you can go left into the unfinished area of the basement where we have our laundry room and storage or you can go right into the finished area of the basement.

We are still in the planning stage right now but I wanted to share with you what we've been thinking about. We know we want the basement to be a fun, less serious room to just lounge and hang out. It should be a place where we relax and have fun with friends. We know we want to have lots of comfortable seating but we have also learned that not just any couch will fit down our narrow basement stairs. So we are looking at sectionals that are in several pieces. We actually found one we like that is in our low price range at Value City Furniture. It is hard to tell by the picture but it is a chocolate brown and the two decorative pillows would have to go!

We are thinking about doing a fun color on the walls. Bright but not too bright! There are a lot of walls that bump out in places so we are even thinking of using two different colors to kind of accentuate the architecture of the room. We started looking at greens but then we found a really gorgeous turquoise color that we both love. We decided to buy 4 samples and try them out at home:

there are the 4 colors we got; 2 greens and 2 blue

 there is my cutie husband putting the colors up on the wall while I stand back and try 
to decide what I like best

 there are the 4 choices- I think we both like the top blue one the best but are not sure if we want it on all the walls or if we want to do it on a couple of walls and one of the greens or another color on the other walls.

So as of now we have decided that we want a color scheme of brown, turquoise, a grassy green, and some pops of plum. I found this pillow cover still in the package at Goodwill the other day that perfectly displays all of the colors we want in our basement decor:

Here is the inspiration board I created:

some fun colored lamps and pillows, love the purple flowers at the bottom, and a mixture of white and dark wood furniture.

So what do you think of our ideas so far? Does all the color scare you or do you love lots of color in your decor? Hopefully I will have some after pictures for you soon!
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