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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Closet Chaos

Today just feels like a great day for organizing! OK, I'll be honest, for me everyday is a great day for organizing! If someone were to ask me what my passion in life is, next to God, my husband, and thrifting would be organizing! I swear I get a high from seeing things go from crazy to contained!
My latest organizing project was our hall closet. This is where all of our beauty products, travel toiletries, toilet paper, and medical supplies are kept. When we moved into our house 3 months ago I thought I had the closet pretty organized. I had everything divided by type in bins which is great but it still just didn't look very nice. There were also a lot of products that I needed to admit to myself that I wasn't going to use and just throw away! I think you know what I'm talking about!

Here is the closet before:

And here it is after:
so much better!

The top shelf, which is hardest to reach, is home to all of our travel toiletries and refill products since we don't need daily access to those items.

Here's a travel tip for you: Keep your travel toiletries ready to go in baggies. I keep products you use in the shower in one bag and products you use outside of the shower in another bag. My husbands products are in blue containers and mine are in pink containers just so there is no confusion! If I use up something during a trip I just make sure I add it to the grocery list and replace it as soon as possible so we are always ready to go! This way you never forget anything!

I like to use this metal two sided container for my headbands. On one side are my stretchy headbands and on the other are my regular ones. They are all easily visible and stay in place.
I did all of this for $0! I just re-purposed baskets and containers that I already owned. Does this post bring to mind any closets in your home that could use a little organization?

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