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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Black is the new Black

I have recently had the itch to paint a wall in my house black. Black?! you say?  Yes, black! trust me, it can be incredibly chic! I actually saw some black walls/ ceilings in black yesterday at the Parade of Homes. The Parade of Homes is an annual event in central Ohio where different home builders and decorators come together to create a neighborhood of amazing, expensive houses for the public to view. My dad and I go together every year to get ideas for our own house projects.

Check out these examples of black walls/ceilings from the Parade of Homes:

a dining room

dining room cont'd

living room ceiling

I think the tricks to painting black in a room is to mix it with enough white to balance it and to have good lighting in the room. Try painting black on just one wall. A whole room might be too much in some cases. I love the idea of black on the wall behind a bed or in a kitchen with white cabinets. Black paint would also look stunning on the inside of a open cabinet to really show off that set of white dishes. 

What are your thoughts on painting a room black? Would you do it? What room would you pick?

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