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Lindsey Turner

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You do not have to be a sponsor in order to host a giveaway on Thrift and Shout. You also don't have to be a sponsor in order to send in a product for a product review, or to be included in an official outfit post. However all product reviews and giveaways are subject to my approval.

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  1. Hi!

    My name is Lauren and I'd love to talk to you about what you do, how you got started doing it, and what some of your experiences are. If you could email me at, that would be great.


  2. I'm new to your blog! You have GREAT HAIR! Loving that you're am I, love the sales racks of anything. I don't blog yet, but try to convince those ladies in my life one need not spend lots of money to make an outfit. Most items in my closet cost less than $10.00. Loved the Wednesday leopard print belt paired with print skirt....that's a must do!!! Keep up the joy! Judy

  3. I found a J Crew jacket at our local Goodwill. It's not something I would wear so I didn't get it. Now, I'm thinking I could sell it online. How do I start selling online; I have no idea. Also, how do I find out what to ask for it? Thank you so much for any advice you can give.

    1. Did you sell it already?) funny question I know. Two years gone.

  4. I love thrifting, so I absolutely love seeing your thrift "finds" on your wonderful blog. I am wondering why you display your finds just as they are? Why not steam them? Oh by the way... the name of your blog is so appropriate to what I do. I thrift and shout!


  5. The Color Tag would love for you to contribute to The Color Tag, being as though your website aligns so closes to ours. We are a fashion website focusing on making thrifting fashionable (which you clearly have mastered) Typically when we have guest writers, we let them write about whatever they want (pertaining to fashion of course). For example, The Culture Vulture wrote about monochromatic styling and how to achieve that look. So honestly, the sky is the limit on a specific trend you want to discuss.

    To give you more insight into the contributing writer layout, we typically start off with a short biography or summary about the individual making sure to add a hyperlink to their website. Then your work will be published underneath the summary about you. Since the world we live in is all about the visual, we ask that you send images with your contribution. Please make sure to attach them individual so that we can format it to fit our website layout. Also, when you do submit your article, please send any additional contact information that you would like to share with our viewers. Most people submit their social media information along with personal/company email address and website URL. If you would to add an image of yourself or logo to accompany the additional information, you can attach that as well (not required). I hope this is do-able. If you have any additional question, don't hesitate to email/call. My contact number is listed below.

    Nifty Thrifty

  6. Hi Lindsey,

    I recently moved to Los Angeles from New York (where my love for thrift shopping began)...I just started a blog very similar to yours, I love sharing all my finds...and I too sell on ebay. I've been selling my finds on ebay for about 3 years now but have just now began to blog about it. It seems you are so very successful at this part. I would love for you to take a look at mine and offer any tips! Much appreciated!!


  7. Lindsey, you have got to check out thredup. its an online thrift store! I'm pretty sure you are going to LOVE it! I have ordered from them twice and was very happy with my purchases!
    Christy @

  8. Hi Lindsey! I live in the Cincinnati area and am new to thrifting and your blog. We are fortunate that there are lots of thrift stores and even two Goodwill Boutiques which are fabulous! I've been fortunate to have found a few pairs of fantastic shoes (one pair brand new!). How do you sanitize leather shoes? Today at the Loveland Goodwill I found a pair of Armani pants. I was so excited but they we too small!from your posts it seems Columbus has lots to offer so I'm already thinking ahead to planning a day trip!

  9. Just found your blog - it is fantastic!

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Mine are sparce to so I dye them with the hair color but still fill them in with a product called Lizette- they have the perfect shade a red that is really hard to find anywhere else! In Columbus Ohio you can get it at Kenneths hair salon

  11. Oh my gosh . Im in absolute awe with the whole site. I would have thought about something so nifty. Well done