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Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Costumes Revealed

As I mentioned before we got invited to a costume party at a friends house this year. Well, the party was a lot of fun! Everyone looked great in their costumes but I think my husband Jason's costume was one of the biggest hits! No one could even look at him with out cracking up! Before we left the house for the party, Jason went into the other room to put on his costume then he came into the room where I was to show me. When I saw him I screamed because it looked nothing like him! I thought someone must have broken in!
Here he is:

                                                         Jason as Napoleon Dynamite

                                      I could not even think about kissing him with those teeth!

                                                     can you believe these boots he found?!

                         the real Napoleon Dynamite (on the right) just in case you are not familiar

                                                                        the real Jason (sort of)

Isn't that a crazy transformation! I still can't believe those boots he found!  People he's know for years didn't even recognize him! He even stayed in character most of the night! 

The Breakdown:
Wig, Glasses, and Teeth: kit from Halloween store $14.99
T-shirt: Goodwill $1.99
Jeans: already owned (pulled out of the give away box)
Boots: Ohio Thrift $3.99

Now for my costume! I always just try to figure out who I kind of already look like and that makes it easier to pull off the transformation. In honor of the recent movie The Runaways I decided to go as Joan Jett!  
Here it is :

                                                                       me as Joan Jett

                                                                     the real Joan Jett
the Breakdown:
Leather Jacket: T.J. Maxx- already had
pleather pants: Goodwill on Morse originally from Urban Outfitters $1.99
black v-neck t-shirt: Goodwill- already had
temporary tattoos: Hot topic $4.99
leather cord necklace: made myself  from JoAnn's $1.00
scarf: already had
Two studded belts: borrowed from my husband
ankle boots: already had

So that's it! Two great Halloween costumes for under $30 again this year! What do you think?  Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween!

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