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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Cute Outfit of the Day: New T-shirt

faux leather jacket: thrift $5
long sleeve t-shirt: Old Navy $4
faux leather leggins: thrift $4
ring: H&M $5
wedge booties: thrift $4
Total Cost: $22

week: 35

Only 5 weeks to go and I'm running out of clothes that fit! So, last week I was at Old Navy doing some Christmas shopping and decided to check out the clearance section to see if I could find any tops that fit. I didn't really want to buy any maternity clothes this late in the game so I just got 3 tops in a size up. That's one of the great things about being a petite prego- it's not that hard to find tops that are long enough to cover the bump. I think this was the most expensive of the three tops I bought and it was only $4! Score!

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  1. This was the part of the pregnancy that was hardest for me. The last weeks. The "home stretch". I felt tired all the time, and I couldn't be on my feet for long or sitting for long. Not to mention sleeping! This is when I started going to the Chiro. My thoughts are with you girl, you look great and you can do this! I've loved seeing your maternity style and I know you'll inspire lots of other to-be mamas to get up, dress up, and never give up <3

    1. It is really hard but at least the end is in sight! I totally agree- if a stand too long my feet swell if I lay down too long my body aches and sleeping is just always a challenge! Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Really??? Only 5 more weeks??? That went by so fast! I got a lot of non-maternity clothes at Old Navy on clearance as well. Now is a great time--sweaters galore! Love wearing mine now even 18 months after my baby boy was born! You look adorable! Love the jacket!

  3. Try to hold out on buying stuff this late- you are so close! But if you have to the clearance section is the way to go. I tried to not buy maternity, it cost more and was not great quality compared to clearance for women's clothes in larger sizes that I moved up to. Yay winter babies, at least we are not as hot.
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place