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Friday, October 9, 2015

Thrifty Finds Friday

I didn't so much thrifting this week. Just a quick stop at the Morse Rd Goodwill yesterday. I got a few things for me, a shirt for my hubby, and a hoodie for the baby and strangely enough they all kind of go together. It looks like the makings of a family photo!

 Express t-shirt dress $7
 American Eagle Outfitters denim shirt $7
I know I just got one last week but I didn't try it on and turns out it's a child's Medium not a woman's so it's too small. This one fits and it's a really thick heavy denim- perfect for winter! 
 H&M Mens $4
got this for my hubby-  it looks so cute on him!
 Brand New Osh Kosh hoodie $7
for baby boy

Any Favorites?
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