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Monday, October 5, 2015

Cute Outfit of the Day: Baby Shower Dress

Ann Taylor dress: thrift $7
vintage earrings: thrift $3
shoes: thrift $4
Total Cost $14

Happy Monday Everyone! Today I'm feature a super classy Ann Taylor dress that I thrifted a few weeks ago! It is made of a cotton stretch material and has a empire waist so even though it's not a maternity dress I thought it would work well as one! This is actually what I'm thinking about wearing for our baby shower next month. I always pictured that if I ever decided to have kids that I would wear a black dress to the baby shower. Not sure why- maybe a bit because of my rebellious nature and a bit because it just is so classy! Actually when I got pregnant I told my husband that I was thinking about only wearing black for the next 9 months! I have been wearing a lot of black but I've branched out a quite a bit too! 

Over the weekend my husband and our best friends, Joshua and Alicia Miller went to Ikea in West Chester, Ohio which is about an hour and a half away. On a side note, I'm so excited that we are getting our own Ikea in Columbus, Ohio in 2017! I can't wait! We had such a fun day with them, as we always do, and got all the major stuff we need for the nursery- crib, dresser/changing table, and a rug! Let the assembly begin! I'm actually pretty handy and I enjoy it so that's going to be my project for today!
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  1. Lindsey, very elegant, attractive and beautiful. Precious proposal wonderful look.

  2. Beautiful hair color and love the earrings!


  3. Super classy dress, I really like the whole look, those earrings are gorgeous.

  4. Very elegant - what a great find. And those earrings are gorgeous and are perfect with the shoes.

  5. Just found your blog, and your thrift finds are amazing! This dress looks beautiful on you, and congratulations on the baby <3

  6. Lindsey, looking very elegant and beautiful. Your hair style and your eyes so nice. I read your post. And hare you talk to baby shower dress. So that , I like your post and it's most important . Thanks for sharing your post.