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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cute Outfit of the Day: Casual Kimono

kimono: Romwe $9
tank: thrift $4
Vigoss jeans: thrift $6
necklace: Forever 21 $8
rings: H&M $10
wedges: thrift $4
purse: Bealls $17
Total Cost: $58

week: 22 (picture taken in week 21)

I am loving kimonos right now! This is another one of the kimonos I ordered from They are perfect for this prefall weather we are having, and no matter how big the bump gets I can still wear one! This time I styled my kimono more on the casual side with distressed jeans and a tank. 

On a side note, these Vigoss jeans have been a godsend! Because of the low rise fit and a good bit of stretch I am still able to wear them comfortably at 22 weeks pregnant! I'm afraid that might be coming to an end soon but I am so grateful they have carried me this far! I have definitely got to the point were people can tell I'm pregnant. I realized this when someone in my Zumba class asked if I was expecting.  Lucky for her she was right!  It's been so funny, every Monday when I wake up I feel so much bigger! I think Sunday night must be growing night! 

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  1. Love the kimono! Great look!!


  2. A very nice kimono, which dominates the casual look. Your pregnancy begins to note, congratulations !!!

  3. Cute outfit! I also added some kimonos to my wardrobe during my pregnancy :) And I am glad I am not the only one who had those mornings where you wake up and see yourself and think WHOAH --- well he grew! I STILL get those and we're almost at the end!

  4. what a cute kimono!!