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Friday, August 21, 2015

Thrifty Finds Friday: Ladies Shopping Trip

 About once a year in the summer My mom, my aunt Sue, and my aunt Becky have a thrift shopping day together. Last week we had our big adventure and we all found lots of great deals!

Here's what I found at the Morse Rd Goodwill:
 White House Black Market dress $7
For Sale on eBay- size 6
 The Limited faux leather dress $10
For Sale on eBay- size 14
 H&M dress $7
so pretty! I'm saving this one for after baby!
 Forever 21 moto jacket $6
I had one just like this that I accidental destroyed in the wash and I've been looking to replace it ever since so this was a major score!
 BCBG dress $7
almost didn't get this one but the ladies talked me back into it! I'm glad I did!
no tag chevron print skirt $4
My aunt Becky picked out this one and the lip cardigan for me! She's good!
lip print cardigan $4
 Forever 21 jacket $4
the gold beads make this jacket so pretty! 

The rest of the items are from the Ohio Thrift on Cleveland Ave. We went for their half price day.
 girl's Disney dress $1.50
It's a kids dress but it's stretchy and fits my petite frame perfectly!
 vintage Mexican Wedding/ Fiesta dress $6
For Sale on eBay- One Size Fits Most
American Living dress $4
not a maternity dress but I think it will work well as one!
Filly Flair dress $6.50
wore this last Saturday night out to dinner- so comfy!
H&M tunic $3
already sold at the Flea Market last Sunday!
Target dress $4
I swear I bought this dress last year but I can't find it!
Forever 21 dress $4
perfect fall transition dress!

Any Favorites?
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  1. So many great pieces! If I had to pick a favourite, it would be the H&M tunic. Of course ask me again in a minute and I'll pick the faux leather dress.

    1. LOL! You sound like like me Colleen! My husband always tells me I can't have more than one favorite but I choose to ignore him!

  2. Cute black & white skirt :)
    Maria V.

    1. Thanks Maria! My aunt will be excited since she picked out the skirt!

  3. The chevron skirt and lip print cardi are amazing! I would wear them together.

    1. So funny that you said that! That's exactly what I said then my mom and aunts cracked up because my mom had said the same thing!