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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cute Outfit of the Day: Life is Made of Small Pleasures

 tank: thrift $4
jeans: Target $10
shoes: Target $10
earrings: F21 gift $0
sunglasses: Target $12
Total Cost: $36

I don't speak French so I had to look this one up. The slogan on this shirt means, "life is made of small pleasures". Isn't that the truth! Life can feel really heavy and overwhelming at times so I think it's so important to find little things that bring us joy!  

I love...
the sound of the rain on the roof esp. while I'm giving a facial at work
when I'm taking nap and all 3 of my cats curl up along side of me
slipping into clean sheets
 when my niece says I'm the best aunt ever!
The smell of Jeni's ice cream... ok and the taste! 
looking through old photographs

What small pleasures in life do you enjoy?
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  1. Love your graphic tank.


  2. Great outfit! Really love your hair.


  3. I love being outside on the patio with my husband looking at Mt. Jefferson with twinkle lights on. Buying gifts for people bring me joy, I love the hunt and wrapping a gift to give to someone special. I enjoy gardening and I have learned that I have a green thumb. Lindsey you always have wonderful posts.
    Cheers, Ashley

  4. Love your hair! How do you get that much body and texture?!?!?
    Heather Wyancko

  5. Cute graphic tee! Love your hair (as always).

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style