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Friday, May 22, 2015

Thrifty Finds Friday: Peplum Crazy

I went to the Volunteers of America Thrift Store on Indianola (in Columbus, Ohio) on Monday night when I was displaced from my home due to my husbands band practice. This trip really reignited my love for VOA! They have the best prices and I found some really great stuff! I' will forewarn you; I went a little crazy with the peplum tops! 
 classic Mossimo for Target black sundress $3
as I said yesterday, I live in these comfy sundresses all summer long!
 Forever 21 top/dress $3
not sure if it's a top or a dress but it looks really cute on!
 stunning vintage dress $3
Doesn't this just look like something straight off of Mad Men! 
another adorable vintage dress by Depeche Mode $3
selling- size 12 (but fits like an 8)
 southwestern scarf $2
I can't resist a southwestern print- it's kind of a problem but not really! 
 drop waist Tezenis dress $2
super thick, soft cotton dress- so comfy!
 Brand New With Tags Forever 21 top/dress $5
another one I'm not sure if it's a top or a dress but I thought it was so cute for fall and couldn't believe it was brand new!
 Authentic American Heritage SO peplum top $4
 Forever 21 peplum top $4
I had to show off the back of this one- it's so pretty!
Madewell leather trim peplum top $5
selling- size M

Any Favorites?

I haven't listed anything for sale on eBay in a few weeks because I'm getting ready to sell at the North Market Flea starting in June. I'll be there about one Sunday per month. I'll let you all know when I have the exact dates but i the meantime if there is something you have to have just email me at
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  1. Love those two vintage dresses! Fabulous pieces.

  2. My favourite is that pink vintage dress!
    it's so cute!

  3. That Madewell shirt. LOVE IT, wowza.

  4. That Madewell shirt. LOVE IT, wowza.

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