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Friday, April 3, 2015

Thrifty Finds Friday: Bally, J.Crew, Puma and More

Here are my thrift store finds of the week from the Ohio Thrift on Henderson Rd:
 vintage vest $5
found this in the kids section but it fits me perfectly! Can't wait to wear this over a boho dress!
 Bally leather and suede bag $7
Usually Ohio Thrift knows the designer brands and charges a ton for them but I guess they missed this guy! The suede needs a little sprucing up but otherwise it's in great shape! Bally purses can sell for hundreds even up to a thousand dollars! Score! When I thrift for purses I always just scan the rack for anything hat is genuine leather/ suede which is pretty easy to spot! I don't bother with cheap fake leather.
 vintage Naturalizer flats $6
I have always hoped I would find a pair of these! They are so comfy! Perfect for walking around in the summer!
 J.Crew shorts $8
I was so excited that these fit perfect and weren't too short!
 little girls Puma jacket $2
got this and the tulle skirt below for my niece!
Old Navy pink tulle skirt: $5

Any Favorites?
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  1. I love Puma. and Suede! How do you spruce it up? I got a thrift Coach purse (!) but it is pink and a little dirty. I would love to get it cleaned up and pretty.

    Christine @ Life Life Naturally

  2. The vest, purse, and flats are wicked cute :)

  3. the vest! It looks unique!

  4. I found an authentic Gucci handbag for $11 at Goodwill. They are pretty good at knowing their product so I was surprised that this one got away from them.