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Friday, March 20, 2015

Thrifty FInds Friday

Here are my thrift store finds of the week:
 Express top $4
 J Crew blouse $4
selling- size 4
 Express cardigan $4
 vintage denim midi skirt $4
selling- size 4
 Old Navy top $4
 J Crew Merino wool sweater $4
 Gap Kids jeans $3
my niece is starting kindergarten in the fall and I thought she needed a cool pair of jeans
 H&M skirt $4
selling- size 0 (runs very small!)
 Gap flared jeans $5 
stocking up on the flares since they are so trendy right now
 White House Black Market flared jeans $5
selling- size 4
 vintage dress $6
so 1970's! I had to get it! 
dress $6
 sporty crop top $4
 cat t-shirt $4
because I don't have nearly enough cat t-shirts!
aztec printed leggins $4

Any Favorites?

If you are interested in purchasing any of these items you can email me at lindz/ I also sell on Instagram @thriftandshoutblog
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  1. love that h&m skirt, but there is NO way that would fit me. You're right, their clothes run really small. I'm normally a 2-4 in everything else, but I'm lucky if a 6 at h&m will fit.

    Midwest Darling

  2. That daisy dress is STRAIGHT out of Mad Men!!!!

  3. I love the bright color of the J. Crew sleeveless blouse and the merino wool sweater looks so cozy. The jeans are a good find too, I thrifted a pair of White House/Black Market flare jeans (my first pair) this week and they are so comfortable and cute.

  4. I really like the blue top and the h&m skirt. Great finds!

  5. All great finds, especially the cat tee! I scored quite a few treasures this week, one being a brand new pair of burgundy Sam Edelman "Petty" booties. The beginning of the year (both Feb and March) have always been great thrifting months in my opinion, especially for shoes. Lots of new stock from large corporations making their donations before tax time.

    1. Good point Kristie! I'm so jelly you thrifted Sam Edelman boots! I a big SE fan!

  6. I love that cobalt Express number and that black and white vintage daisy maxi dress! great finds!

  7. that blue + black colorblock top has my name ALL OVER it! keep an eye out for some edgy plus sized fashions - theyre tough to thrift in my area!