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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Little Golden Book Gender Neutral Baby Shower

Recently I had the privilege of helping throw a baby shower for my best friend Alicia! She's due in about 2 weeks! I can't wait to meet the baby and see if she has a girl or a boy!

Our friend Carrie hosted the shower and made all the food and she recruited me to do the decor.
Alicia is one of the classiest people I know and pretty non-traditional so I wanted the shower to really reflect her taste and personality. The theme was Little Golden Book but when I searched online for inspiration all of the Little Golden Book showers were cute but more on the juvenile side with bight primary colors. I knew that wasn't Alicia so instead I used a color palate of pink, blue, black, white, and lots of gold. I had a lot fun spray painting things gold!

We decided on a sit down dinner so I designed an elegant display for the table. I tore up a Little Golden book and used the pages to make a table runner and I saved a few of my favorite pages and put them in frames. The babies breath floral arrangements were actually pretty easy. I did them the day before and they did shrink a bit overnight. The tissue paper tassels were definitely the most time consuming. I used this tutorial here to make them. I let Alicia have them after the shower to use in the babies nursery!
Here's a list of what I used for the decor:
-black and white chevron wrapping paper from Michael's dollar section 
-pages from a large size Little Golden Book for the table runner from the thrift store
-milk glass vases from the thrift store 
-baby's breath from grocery store
-baby food jars from a mom friend
-gold glitter from Michael's 
-plastic animal figurines from Michael's 
-gold spray paint from Michael's
-tissue paper from Target
-frames from the thrift store
-mason jars from the thrift store
-smaller Little Golden Books from the thrift store


I made the little books from printables I found on Anneliese's lovely blog Aesthetic Nest
Get the free printables here

You can check out my Pinterest board I created to inspire me while I planned this shower here

If you have any other questions about how I did something or where I got something just let me know! As you can see a lot of what I used came from the thrift store so this really was a pretty budget friendly baby shower! That's just how I roll!
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  1. What an adorable Baby Shower Theme ! Golden Books Rule : ) and you did a fantastic job with your decor! Thanks for sharing Lindsey.

  2. This is beautiful, adorable and genius! I love how you used the wrapping paper and book pages as a table runner.

  3. What an absolutely perfect spread. I adore the table decor and the giraffes look great!

    Ginger Side of Life

  4. Aww what a lovely party! It was perfect! 😘

  5. Ohmyheck. Thank you SO much for sharing this! I'm planning my daughter's golden 3rd birthday soon with a Little Golden Book theme, and like you, I'm not a fan of the super cutesy, bright stuff! Even if she is gonna be 3. lol This is EXACTLY what I'm envisioning and now I feel so inspired! Thank you thank you!