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Friday, February 6, 2015

Thrifty Finds Friday

Here are my thrift store finds of the week from the Goodwill on Sawmill Rd. in Columbus, Ohio.
 Express suede and shearling coat $13
selling on Ebay- size 12
 Ann Taylor white blazer $4
 Marc Jacobs top $4
selling- size $6
 Banana Republic sweater $4
love the sporty vibe of this top!
 Target sweatshirt $6
It looks so warm and cozy- I couldn't resist!
Ann Taylor silk top $6
makeup bag $3
got this for my mom!

Any Favorites?

I sell items on Instagram @thriftandshoutblog and on ebay here. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing an item and you don't see it listed on one of these two sites! Thanks!
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  1. The Anne Taylor blouse is beautiful! What a find!

  2. Yes, I agree with everyone else. That white blazer is an amazing find!