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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Throw Back Thursday: Fall Favorites

A little throw back Thursday for you today! Allow me to take you back one year to the Fall of 2013. I'm so glad that even though these looks are a year old I think they are still pretty relevant! Esp. this first outfit with the flared jeans since the wider leg styles are making a big comeback this fall. I can't believe how long my hair was!

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  1. Love, fall is my favorite!


  2. I like all these looks, my favorite is the red plaid and the black leather. I love fall too, and fall clothes : )

  3. That red plaid skirt is amazing! Love it!

  4. Love your tartan skirt! A complete outfit maker.

    I love your blog, ive been reading for a long time but only recently joined the blogging sphere!

  5. That last outfit is GORGEOUS! Mixing prints is so in right now, you were ahead of the game.

    thrifting diva