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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cute Outfit of the Day: Can Redheads Wear Red?

 American Eagle dress: thrift $5
purse: Forever 21 $7
Kimchi Blue shoes: thrift $8
bracelets: Charming Charlie $20
necklace: gift from the hubs
Total Cost: $40
Can redheads wear red?

The answer is yes! Redheads can do whatever they want! End of argument!

I just got these shoes last week and I love them! They are Kimchi Blue from Urban Outfitters so they were probably pretty expensive. They looked a little dirty when I found them but all I had to do is dust them off and they are like brand new! When you are thrifting don't pass something by just because it looks a  little dirty. Almost anything can be washed! You never know what might be underneath that dust!

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  1. You totally can wear red! You look good in red, as well as pink and orange. I think it's your pale skin and the darker red haircolor you have going on.

  2. I found you through The Pleated Poppy and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog! As an avid thrifter, we definitely share a kindred spirit!! Your outfit is beautiful and I love the shoes! Looking forward to more posts and I am following now!

  3. Great thrift dress find! xoxo -

  4. Coming over from Fitness Blondie's blog hop. I love your hair! The dress, shoes and leggings are so cute too. I am super impressed at the prices on all this. I love good stuff and I love good deals even better.

  5. Ha! Yes, redheads can wear whatever they want! Someone once told me blondes can't wear red. Sigh... it is one of my favorite colors!

    Come link up with me at Whatcha Wearing Wednesday!

  6. You look fantastic! I'm going thrifting for the second time soon. You really have an eye for it!

  7. Another winner, Lindsey. Great colors and styling combination. Cheers, Ardith

  8. You are rocking the reds! Very cute dress-- the entire outfit is fantastic!

  9. Love those shoes! And you look great in any color!


  10. I think you should wear red ALL THE TIME. That color is amazing on you! and the lip! LOVE!

    Heather Wyancko

  11. love the print of the dress. and YES. Redheads can wear red.

    Midwest Darling

  12. Yes yes yes! Red heads can wear red! You are proof in this post! This is one of my favorite outfits on you! It's completely adorable from head to toe. The color, the cute, and the fit of the dress is perfect for you!

    J@ Bless Her Heart y'all
    Join me on Tuesdays for the Celebrate Southern link up for a little southern-inspiration! You don't have to be a southern blogger to join in on the fun!

  13. Hahah, yup red heads can do whatever they please! Those shoes though. I can't believe you got those at 8 bucks. SCORE!

    Thrifting Diva