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Friday, September 26, 2014

Thrifty Finds Friday: Thrifting in Missouri

While we were in Camdenton, Missouri this week on vacation I stopped in at the Dogwood Animal Shelter Thrift Store and hit the jackpot! Dogwood is a smaller store and it's not the most tidy or well organized thrift store ever but sometimes those are the best ones!

I'm working on a big project right now! I'm dressing the models for a hair show that is going to be at the end of October. It's with the salon I work at, Kenneth's Hair Salon and Day Spa. I did it last year and it was a lot of work but also a lot of fun so I'm excited they asked me to do it again! The theme this year is Rock N Roll! While I was shopping I was specifically looking for items that would for the show and I think most of these will work!
 vintage leather cape $10
I cannot believe this amazing find and how cheep it was! It's missing the top button but it doesn't really need it.
BCBG leather jacket $5
 Forever 21 dress $5
Forever 21 skirt $5
Love Culture cardigan $5
Brecknelle's heels $10

Any Favorites?

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About Dogwood Animal Shelter:
Dogwood is a mostly volunteer driven no-kill animal shelter in Osage Beach, Missouri. They depend on donations and profits from their thrift store to keep it's doors open. I was amazed to hear that in 2010 they took in 664 animals and adopted out 651 of them! Isn't that incredible?! They even had a super cut kitty walking around at the thrift store! He let me pick him up and snuggle for a bit!  My favorite two things combined- cats and thrifting! I was in heaven!
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  1. Love those heels! Are they comfortable? I was thinking of purchasing Breckelle's heels but I wasn't sure about the fit/comfort level.

  2. I think my favorite has to be the cardigan!

  3. OMG! The leather cape! Love! It! Will it be for sale later?

  4. THAT leather cape would be on every runway this past month for fashion week! Don't you love how trends cycle through over and over ... awesome find! pippa

  5. Yes to all these leather/pleather goodies! Love it!

  6. I love those heels! They are the perfect color. And, obviously, the cape- that's a pretty stellar find! :)

  7. I think the cape and the jacket are the best!

  8. Thoese heels are GORG. Loving the leather jacket as well! Those were some fabulous finds.

    Thrifting Diva