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Friday, July 11, 2014

Thrifty Finds Friday

Here are my thrift store finds from this week!
vintage polka dot dress $7
Ann Taylor LOFT dress $7
 Missoni for Target dress $7
I already have this dress so I'm going to sell this one! Size M
 Ann Taylor dress $7
will be for sale size 6
 Forever 21 blouse $4
will be selling- size M
 Target sweatshirt $3
 Target top $4
will be selling- size L
 Target dress $6
 Lauren Conrad for Kohl's blouse $4
will be selling- size L
Nike Yankees t-shirt $4
I'm a big Yankee's fan- I'm keeping this one!
 Express Editor printed pant $5
will be selling- size 2L
Ann Taylor LOFT cords $5
will be selling- size 6

Any Favorites?
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  1. Love that Target floral sleeveless top! Do you only sell on ebay? I've sold on ebay before but lately I've been using instagram more (@foryourcloset) . There are a ton of vintage and modern sellers there!

  2. The polka dot dress hands down, love it.

  3. what great finds! You must have some great thrift shops near you!

    Check out and Follow my new blog :)

  4. Ooh, those Loft cords are exactly what I have been looking for and are in my size, at that. Must know when you put them up for sale! :-)

  5. Great finds!! I love those first four dresses!!

  6. You find the cutest things!

  7. Great finds as always! I love that polka dot dress and the hint of floral top from Target!

  8. I like the express pants the best!