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Friday, June 27, 2014

Thrifty Finds Friday: Lace Dresses and Some Personal Shopping

Here are my thrift store finds of the week:
H&M top $4
Mossimo for Target jean vest $6
 Old Navy top $4
Local Celebrity t-shirt $4
 Banana Republic sequined dress $5
such a stunning dress!
Merona for Target lace dress $5
 Forever 21 lace dress $5
 no tag lace dress $5
 Holister lace skater skirt $4
 Topshop dress $5

 And some clothes for my niece Emmy who is growing like a weed:
 Osh Kosh striped jean jacket $3
Xhilaration for Target  terry cloth shorts $3
 Cherokee for Target top $3
 Cherokee for Target top $3
 Disney Princess tattoos $1

And a top for my hubby:
United Colors of  Benneton shirt $4

 Merona for Target wedge sandals $6
 Merona for Target wedges $6
both of these are wedge sandals are still selling in Target stores for $25!

 vintage daisy juice glasses $4
too cute to pass up- I'm really loving daisies right now!
glass boot mug $1
If you've ever been to my house then you've probably drank out of a boot mug. I randomly find these at thrift stores- I have over a dozen now!  

Any Favorites?

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  1. Love all of the lace! The sandals are a definite score.

  2. I am dying over that Topshop dress! Any chance you're listing it?

  3. Love the unlabelled lace dress, you got a great range of things! The daisy glasses are perfect for summer :)

  4. You need to take me thrifting! You find so many great things! I love the sequins dress!

    Enter the ILY Couture Giveaway on my blog!

  5. The trophy wife tee and the sequin dress are AMAZING! And I also love a good boot mug. :)

  6. The Banana Rep. sequin dress is awesome! The daisy glasses are just so pretty, I wouldn't have been able to pass them up either!

  7. So many lace dresses! I love them all. I think it's weird how the kid clothes cost almost as much as they adult clothes! I think that's so strange and funny about the boot mug.