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Thursday, May 8, 2014

How to Add Elbow Patches to a Shirt in 5 Simple Steps

Yesterday I wanted to something nice for my husband so I decided to add some suede patches to some shirts that got holes in the elbows. This is a great way to extend the life of your favorite tops or just to add some interest.

Look at the elbows of my husbands shirt and sweater! I'm not sure what he does all day but almost all his shirts end up like this! I thought maybe he had  razor blades on his elbows but I felt them and they are actually pretty smooth!

 Here's what you need:
 A shirt
 (it doesn't even have to have holes in the elbows you can add them to any top you want to add interest!)
 -Iron and ironing board
-piece of suede or whatever fabric you want to use (just make sure it doesn't fray or you'll have to sew it. I got this piece of suede at Hobby Lobby in the leather crafts isle org $4.99 I paid $3.21 with 40% off coupon!
-double sided fabric bonder (I used EZ Seam II from Jo Ann Fabrics) $4.29
-pattern- (I used Martha Stewart's from here)
-piece of cardboard
-damp cloth

 Step 1
Cut out the template then cut out 2 patches from the fabric and two patches from the bonding

Step 2:
Peel off the side of the bonding that comes off easily and stick it to the back of the fabric patch

 Step 3:
put a piece of cardboard inside the sleeve under the area where the patch will go

 Step 4:
peel the other side of the bonding off. I found it super hard to get off so to help I lightly scored it with my scissors. Once you get it off place it on the shirt where you want it to go. It helps to line up both arms beside each other to make sure they are even. You can also try the shirt on and make an x where your elbow are.

 Step 5:
place a damp cloth over the patch and iron for about 30 seconds

 The finished product!
 This was a really easy project and it only cost me $7.50! I love the way it looks especially on the sweater- it looks like it always should have had suede elbow patches! Best of all, I surprised my husband with them last night and he was super happy! Yay! Wife points for me!

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  1. So cute! I wonder how he manages that? I've never worn the elbows out of anything. I'll definitely give this a go in the fall.

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