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Monday, May 12, 2014

Cute Outfit of the Day: Like Mother; Like Daughter

Target dress: thrift $7
gold bracelets: Charming Charlie $20
watch: thrift $4
H&M blazer: thrift $4
Ivanka Trump heels: thrift $4
Total Cost: $39

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope all of you who are moms had a great Mother's Day! We went with my parents to see my Grandma who lives in New Philadelphia, Ohio. It's a 2 hour car ride so I wanted to wear something comfortable but I wanted to look cute too. I chose this comfy stretch cotton dress and added a blazer to dress it up. My mom and I cracked up because when I showed up at my parents house she came out wearing the same stretch cotton printed dress, blazer, and peep toe combination but in pink instead of blue!  Like mother; like daughter!

Here's a picture of my grandma, mom, and me from yesterday:

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  1. Ivanka Trump 👠 for $4.00?! That was def a score!

  2. That dress is adorable! I love the print and it looks great paired with the blazer. How funny that you and your mom dressed alike, love it!

  3. The dress fits you so well! And it's the perfect color combination. I can't believe these were all thrifted for under $40!

  4. That's adorable.

  5. I absolutely love your dress, it fits you so well and I cannot believe the price it's cost you. I like the shade of navy on you as its not too heavy. I love the way your nude heels don't detract from the dress. I'm from Manic Monday. I'm also now following you on bloglovin. I will leave my link in case you're interested.