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Friday, April 4, 2014

Thrifty Finds Friday: Generous Friends

So as you probably know by now, I gave up thrift shopping for Lent. It's been so hard but let me just tell you God is so good! During this time I've had three different people give me clothes just out of the blue! It's amazing to me how when we are obedient to God He always ends up blessing you more than you ever expected! These clothes are from my friend Jen that I used to work with. She dropped these off to me at my work and I got to meet her precious baby girl for the first time! 

 Target dress
this was one of my favorite items- green looks good with my hair!
 Target paint splatter blouse
Lily White cardigan
 The Limited sweater
classic style- just needs to be lint brushed!
 super soft Forever21 t-shirt
love that it's shorter for the crop top trend
The Limited boat neck sweater
another classic- would go great with a midi skirt
 Bebe lavender scarf
perfect for the pastel trend!
 American Eagle jeans
they are wider in the thighs so I think they will make great jean shorts!
 Tokyo Jeans
 sorry, this picture turned out horrible but I liked the color of these jeans and I plan on cutting them off into jean shorts as well!
H&M blush pumps! 
such a pretty color- these were my other favorite item!

There was a bunch of other stuff that I didn't decide to keep too. I chose the three black tops because they are pretty timeless. I kept the jeans obviously because they will make great jean shorts. As for the other items I liked they were all trendy colors. 

Thanks so much Jen! 

Any favorites?
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  1. I really like the green dress too, very spring. The Lily White top is another favorite, nice friend!

  2. What a great friend! Those heels are amazing, and that green dress is just perfect. Isn't God awesome (and Jen too)?

  3. My absolute fave would most deff be the heels of corse... and that is amazing how god provided this all for you it truley is amazing how that works love all the items


  4. Nordstrom Rack on sawmill (old filene's basement) opens may 1st!!!!!!

    1. That's awesome! Thanks for letting me know!

  5. Wow what awesome gifted finds! The dress and the limited sweater are my favorites! Well, and the blush pumps! Carylee |

  6. I love the jeans but I'm interested to know how you make them into shorts. Do you just cut? Do you hem them? How about a tutorial post since you've given up thrifting for Lent? :)

  7. Love the lavender scarf and the first dress. How about a tutorial for jean shorts? I can never get them right!