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Friday, April 11, 2014

How to Make Your Own Jorts (Jean Shorts)

So today I'm going to share all my best tips for making your own jorts (jean shorts)! This post is actually from about 2 years ago but I had some questions about it recently so I thought it was worth reposting (and I updated it a bit)! I always make my own because a pair of jeans at the thrift store is only about $5 or less vs. paying $20 or more at the mall for an already made pair of jorts. So I know that this doesn't sound that hard and most of you have done it at some point in your life but I wanted to show you how I do it because I've picked up a few helpful tips along the way!
#1 How to Pick the Right Jeans
Find a pair of jeans that are about one size up from what you normally wear or if they are your size make sure they are not too tight in the thighs. Sometimes using men's jeans can work well too! I normally wear a 0 or 2 so I got a size 4.
 I also prefer a high waist but that is totally up to you! 
 Some brands I look for at the Thrift Stores that I think make the best jorts are Gap, Lucky Brand, and Levis.
 #2 Figuring out Your Inseam
This can be done by measuring the inseam on a favorite pair of shorts or by putting the jeans on and marking where you want them to end. The nice thing is after you've done this once you know what inseam you like for future projects! I don't like short shorts so I go with a 4inch inseam. This is another reason I like to make my own shorts because most stores only make a 3in or 5in inseam.
 At this point you also want to decide if you want a tradition frayed hem or if you want a cuff. Add about 1.5in for a flipped up hem and 3in for a full cuff
#3 Making the Cut
After you decide on your inseam them it's time to cut. Make sure you cut them straight though!
 After I cut one side them I measure the side and make sure I cut the other other to the same measurements.

 #4 Wash or Hem
If you went with the traditional frayed hem it helps to wash them after you cut them off. This with make the strings fray at the hem. If you are going for the cuffed look of course you could sew them but the easiest thing to do is put a little iron on tape under the hem and iron to make it stay. Sometimes I have trouble with the outer seam splitting so I put a few stitches over it to reinforce he seam.

 #5 Trim the frays and Wear!
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  1. Nicely done Lindsey! :) thanks for sharing.

  2. Those are super cute! I can't believe it is that easy!

  3. Totally know what I'm doing with those white jeans that are one size too big and have been sitting in my closet, unworn, for two summers. Thanks!

  4. Such a great tutorial! I will never forget going back to my friend's house in 8th grade and her dad had ripped his jeans and decided to turn them into jorts. Except he didn't use your fancy tips and ended up with daisy dukes. Hilarious and scarring all at once. And the perfect example of why these tutorials are needed!!


  5. Awesome! Thanks for the tutorial. :)

  6. Those turned out waaayyy better than mine did when I tried. :) Love them paired with that top. I enjoy following you through facebook. I'd love it if you checked out my page as well.

    xx, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  7. I really like how you styled them! So cute. I will try my hand at making some. We'll see how it goes!