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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cute Outfit of the Day: Floral Pants

jacket: thrift $6
top: hand me down $0
pants: thrift $4
shoes: $4
necklaces:  Forever21 $8
sunglasses: Target $13
vintage purse: $3
Total Cost: $38

 These pants are something new for me. I've never worn a slouchy pants like these, let alone one with such a bold print! I have to say I'm loving these pants though! They are super comfortable and I feel like they are really figure flattering. I've seen ones that are a lot more baggy and I don't like those as much. I like how these fit close to the body but are not tight at all.

Have you tried the slouchy pant yet?

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  1. That lovely mix of softness and hardness. Lovely floral pants and leather jacket, a strong, bold proposal, and sophistication. You look really pretty and attractive.

  2. I love the slouchy pant look! I have yet to find a pair that looks good of me though. The right fit and pattern really makes all the difference!


  3. I actually bought some leopard joggers and I love them they are more like slacks material that is gathered at the ankle. I quite like them!

  4. I looooooooove these pants! So so cute!! Totally something I'd wear!

  5. I tried this style recently with a more baggy pair.. Here is how my version turned out..

  6. opps meant to say I love your florals and the less volume style!

  7. I just bought two pair at American Eagle (buy one get one 50% off) and I am still playing with how to style them. These are the ones I got ( the Olive color and the Black/White Aztec print.

  8. I like! If I find some at the thrift store I will buy and wear . . . otherwise, too trendy for me to spend legit $$. Seems like a great thing to wear even in the dog days of summer!