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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Trending Tuesday: Distressed Denim

While on Pinterest, I've been really loving all these looks I'm seeing with distressed denim! I am amazed at how many different ways you can wear it as well! So today I want to show you some of my favorite distressed denim looks. This is a really thrifty trend because jeans are one of the most common items at every thrift store and someone else has already worn them out for you! You can also buy a cheap pair of jeans at the thrift store and distress them yourself without the worry of messing up an expensive pair! I've never done it but all these great looks make me want to give it a try! How about you?

just a little distressing 
or a lot
no holes
or lots of holes
 in light denim
 and dark denim
on jackets
and shorts
with heels
with flats...
or with booties
skinny jeans
and boyfriend jeans
 with long tops 
 and short tops
 dressed up
and dressed down

 the possibilities are endless...

How do you like to wear distressed denim?

check out my Pinterest board "Distressed Denim" for more inspiration!
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1 comment:

  1. I want a pair . . . my crew dark ones are ready to rip (in all the wrong places) so maybe I should take the plunge and distress before I can't wear anymore. OR, maybe you can help me since I have NO IDEA how to do it. . . :)